Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Section D!

At Darden, each class is split into 5 sections.  We live, breathe, argue, laugh and cry with our section mates.  Months of classes from dawn (read 8 am) till dusk (read 1:15 pm) will do that to 64 erstwhile strangers! 
Sections like people have characteristics. So you have the go-getter section and then you have the let's party section.  You have sections that are a little too attached to birds and then you have sections with the best cheer.  I belong to Section D and humbly suggest that it is the best section in town.  Here is why:

1. We  leave no minds behind - As a section, we decided on the first day that we would never leave a mind behind. What that means is that we encourage each other to ask questions and recognize that we all come with varying levels of exposure to subjects like accounting, finance, econ etc.  Therefore, no question is "dumb" in section D. It is amazing how much you can learn if you are not afraid of asking questions.

2. We have a great mix of backgrounds - We have soldiers, accountants, engineers, bankers and business owners in our section. More importantly, our soldiers, accountants, engineers, bankers and business owners are not shy of sharing what they have learnt in life so far.  This makes for not just fascinating classes but for really fun late night events. 

3. We are funny - We do say funny things in class.  More importantly, section D professors are funny!  I leave you with some choice gems.

Professor (pointing at a locked computer....in a dramatic voice):  Open Sesame! Open Sesame!  Open Sesame!

Student 1(answering a question about an environmental resource that might be impacted by development) : Forests
Student 2 (mishears): What? Pinterest?
Student 1: No. Forest! Forest -  like where you dump the bodies



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