Friday, April 5, 2013

Thoughts on Last Day of Section D

Today is the last day we meet as a section.  It is also the last day that we have structured classes at Darden - every class that I take after this will be an elective. Here are some thoughts as I prep for the last time -

  •  The algorithm works!  - Sections are put together by a secret algorithm that looks at the incoming class, analyzes our characteristics and puts groups together that would best foster learning.  In my section, I am always on the same page with some people, I am curious to learn from some others  and then there are some whose thoughts and actions are just alien to my sense of self and learning.  At the end of our section days, I am happy to report that I have learned from each of these categories of people.  I would not change a single person in the section that I belong to and I am sure my colleagues from within the section and outside would agree.
  • Woohoo! No more <insert your worse class here> at 8 in the morning!! -  I love how the core curriculum makes sure that  we have a basic understanding of all aspects of business. But I am really looking forward to being able to take classes that are more specialized and exciting. Next semester, I am taking Valuation, Data Analysis and Optimization and Entrepreneurial Thinking.  A friend of mine is taking Speaking about Business, Establishing yourself at Work and Global Financial Markets.  Another friend is taking a smattering of classes in the late after and evening given his nightowl-ish tendencies.  I love that we are all so excited about Term 5!
  • I am prepared - As I prepare for next term and eventually for my summer internship, I feel prepared. I certainly don't think that I know it all but I am aware of what the gaps are in my skills and I feel in control of my learning.  It is an amazing feeling to have a clear direction of what I want for the rest of my time at Darden.
So, thank you section D! It has been a ball and a privilege.  I love that this is not a goodbye since we will be together on many an adventure at Darden this year and next.  But I will miss you at 8 in the morning.

Good Luck!   

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