Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What would a Darden Student do?

With Google glasses!

This is what our Tech club President, Andrew Kritzer would do!

What would I use it for?
  • Wikipedia hopping while waiting for a flight out of Charlottesville airport
  • Darden cup updates!  
  • Counting down to 8 am as I rush from home to the first class of the day (So close and yet so far)
  • Opening spreadsheet models during a cold call
  • Scanning WSJ at First Coffee while getting said coffee and saying hi to people
  • Finding a learning team room (crowdsourcing!)
  • Ordering a sandwich from Cafe 67 while still at class
  • Automatic warnings for home work deadlines that creep up surreptitiously 
  • Guiding my way as I stumble home from the Corner
  • Frantic texts  for help during a flailing cold call?
What would you use Google glasses for?

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