Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer's almost gone and I am glad to be back

I have been back on-grounds as a second year for about a month now and finally feel settled into life at Darden.  Summer was a whirl of activities filled with an amazing internship and lots of travel.  Surprisingly, I have had a relatively Darden free summer - not by choice but rather by the vagaries of location, a car-less existence in a city with limited public transportation and a busy work schedule. Nevertheless, I made some good friends, worked really hard and learnt a lot about myself.  A rather fantastic summer by all accounts and capped off splendidly by a full-time offer  - woohoo!

I had imagined that being back as a second year would be relaxing given that I now have a much better idea of the way that Darden works.  And it is .... but at the same time, I am busier than ever!  First, I love the flurry of lunches, dinners, hikes, winery tours and coffee chats that marks the social calendar of second year. Second, this is a busy time for clubs and as someone who is in various positions of leadership, I seem to be always  running from one meeting or event to another.  Third,  though I am now usually prepping 2 cases a day instead of the 3 cases of first year, the case method still demands attention and preparation.   

It is busy indeed.  But it is a good kind of busy where I am doing all the things that I love doing and have chosen to do.

I can't but help reflect on how this contrasts with first year - the trepidation of class participation, the long nights of learning team bonding and the initial foray into the wild ride of recruiting.  

But we turned out ok.

And really would we have it any other way?

So, to the class of 2015 - Welcome to Darden and have a great first year!

PS - Love this video !!

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