Monday, November 25, 2013

The Blogging Dean

Of the things that I look forward to whenever I log into the online darden portal for students, is the little section on what Dean Bruner has been thinking about.  One of the many things that makes Darden what it is, is the Dean's blog.  Three things to know about Dead Bruner's blog -
  1. The blog is not ghost-written.  The Dean does his own writing.
  2. The Dean writes not just about Darden but about what is on his mind recently. So, topics can range from academics to investing, history to politics and ofcourse, business
  3. The Dean's posts are long but full of dry wit (and advice)
The following are some of my favorite posts -

On Current (ish) Affairs, History and Economics
A New Bubble
Sequestration is a symptom and not a cause
Should Investors Care About Elections?

On Jobs and Life
Advice To The Summer Intern Making A Graceful Exit
My Advice At Graduation 2013 - Hang on hang in and make a difference/
Go Where The Competition Isn't

On Books and Academics
The Problem with Piece-wise Learning
MBA Education - The Destination School
2012 Recommended Readings

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